If James returns to Miami then he can NEVER go home again


LeBron James choice could cost him the chance to return to Ohio ever again
LeBron James choice could cost him the chance to return to Ohio ever again

If LeBron James, chooses to return to Miami then he will never again be welcome in his hometown of Akron or anywhere in Northeast Ohio. The city of Cleveland and more to the point the basketball fans will never forget that once again they were left out in the cold by one of sports most narcissistic characters of all time.

LeBron loves Ohio and that is why most NBA experts, myself included, feel that he will come home to Cleveland.  James could be forgiven even by the most passionate Heat fan for wanting return home to try to bring Cleveland their first NBA Championship ever.

Fans remember the summer of 2010 when he made “The Decision,” to join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. The “Big Three,” went on to win two NBA Championships in four years.

We now fast forward today the summer of 2014 and here it is Miami vs. Cleveland both fighting to landing James.

For over a nearly a year behind the scenes James’ agent Rich Paul, privately has been telling people that he has been determined to deliver the prodigal son of Northeast Ohio back home.

I really feel that prior to his meeting with the Heat president of basketball operations Pat Riley in Las Vegas on Wednesday that James was heading back home to Cleveland. Riley is a very persuasive man and he left his meeting without a commitment that James would be coming back to Miami.

A formal NBA general manager told me that “LeBron is dragging this thing out too long and he is running the risk of this ending well.”

Now sports talk radio in Cleveland and Miami are both waiting to find out where James will be playing this season. Most people hope that James his choice before he board’s a plane on Saturday to head down to Brazil for the World Cup Final.

Fans in Cleveland can’t believe that James is putting everyone through “The Decision 2.0.” One of the Miami or Cleveland fan base is about to feel scorned, and other is about to feel absolute joy.

James playing in Cleveland gives him a chance to return to Northeast Ohio as the conquering hero. It gives him a chance to say “I went to Miami in 2010 and in four years I won two titles in four years. But now it is time to come back home and make it my career’s work to bring an NBA Championship to my home region of Northeast Ohio.”

If the choice is Miami, then he knows that South Florida will become his new home because this time Cleveland is not in a forgiving mood. He would likely have to move his business interests from the Cleveland area. He and his LRMR agency recently signed popular college quarterback Johnny Manziel to a marketing deal. Manziel now plays for the Browns.

In 2010 “The Decision,” it was a young immature LeBron James and fans were willing to let him go with the hope that he would return. This time if he turns his back on Northeast Ohio then he knows better than anyone else that he can’t go home again.

It is his choice let’s see if James has matured since 2010.