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On Tuesday edition of SportstalkFlorida Mornings, I along with producer  Chris Grose  previewed the NBA season in the Eastern Conference, Western Conference and more.MiamiHeat_Lebron_2013

SportstalkFlorida Mornings Eastern Conference Preview : Oct 29, 2013

Eastern Conference Predictions -Playoffs

1- Indiana Pacers

2- Miami Heat –  How Healthy will DWade  be come playoff time?  Who will the Heat pick up during the season?  What will they get out of Michael Beasley and Greg Oden? These are questions that will help determine if the Heat 3-peat or not.

3- Chicago Bulls

4- Brooklyn Nets

5- New York Knicks


6- Cleveland Cavaliers – * If Andrew Bynum and Kyrie Irving can give the Cavs 70 games each, the Cavs can be the 5 seed and ahead of the Knicks.

7- Washington Wizards

8-Detroit Pistons

Missing Out in Playoffs

9- Toronto Raptors

10- Atlanta Hawks

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11- Boston Celtics –  * How much will Rajon Rondo play for the Celtics this season? Will he be a Celtic pass NBA Trade deadline?

12- Orlando Magic

13- Milwaukee Bucks

14- Charlotte Bobcats

15- Philadelphia 76ers

SportstalkFlorida Mornings  Orlando Magic and Western Conference Preview :

Western Conference :Kevin_Durant_Thunder

1- Los Angeles Clippers

2- Oklahoma City Thunder

3- San Antonio Spurs

4- Houston Rockets

5- Golden State Warriors

6- Memphis Grizzlies

7- New Orleans Pelicans

8- Denver Nuggets

Just Missing out in Playoffs

9 -Portland Trailblazers

10- Los Angeles Lakers –  If Kobe Bryant comes back before December 1st,  Lakers sneak in to the 8th seed in West. I predict Kobe gets back in between Dec 1 and December 25.

11- Minnesota Timberwolves

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12-Dallas Mavericks

13- Sacramento Kings

14- Utah Jazz

15- Phoenix Suns

Eastern Conference Finals –  Miami Heat over Indiana Pacers

Western Conference Finals – Oklahoma City Thunder over Los Angeles Clippers

NBA Finals – Miami Heat over Oklahoma City

NBA MVPJames_Durant_1

1- Kevin Durant

2- LeBron James

3- Derrick Rose

4- Chris Paul

5- Tony Parker

NBA Defensive Player of Year

1- LeBron James

2- Paul George

3- Marc Gasol

4- Dwight Howard

5- Jimmy Butler

NBA Rookie of the Yearoladipo-victor-dribbles

1-Victor Oladipo -Magic

2- Kentavious Caldwell-Pope- Pistons

3- Kelly Olynyk- Celtics

4-Anthony Bennett- Cavaliers

5- Cody Zeller- Bobcats

NBA Coach of the Year

1- Frank Vogel- Pacers

2- Mike Brown- Cavaliers

3-Monty Williams- Pelicans

4- Doc Rivers- Clippers

5- Brian Shaw- Nuggets

Top 5 Teams Most likely to beat the Miami Heat in the Playoffs :

1- Indiana Pacers

2- Brooklyn Nets

3- Chicago Bulls

4- Oklahoma City Thunder

5- Los Angeles Clippers