Dwyane Wade The Dirtiest Player In The NBA?

Dwyane Wade’s game rubs more than a few the wrong way, and no wonder. Dwyane Wade is the bad guy. He’s the worst guy in the NBA, when it comes to bad-guy stuff. Dirtiest player in the league? Yeah. That’s Dwyane Wade. Look no farther for The Next Bruce Bowen, because he’s here and headed to the Hall of Fame. Rare that a player as good as Dwyane Wade would be as devious, as dirty, as Dwyane Wade … but there we are. Dwyane Wade is the most devious, the most dirty player in the NBA. And I say that as a guy who fell (back) in love with Wade last season, during the 2012 NBA Finals, when Wade’s family went through some trauma and Wade was reunited with his sons before Game 4 and he was hugging them courtside and I was getting goosebumps.

Source: GREGG DOYEL, CBS Sports