Can the Dallas Mavericks Rely on Dalembert?

samuel_dalembert_2013The Dallas Mavericks are walking a fine line between being a team that can contend for a playoff spot this coming season and a team that is one injury or bad year from a key rotation player away from falling into the lottery. The Mavericks have plenty of depth in the backcourt but in terms of mobile, defensive big men to anchor the other half of the floor, there isn’t a lot there. It’s why the signing of Samuel Dalembert has to end up being a victory for their offseason; he may be the only line of defense they have at the rim on many possessions.

The problem with that is apparently Dalembert isn’t in good enough shape, according to Rick Carlisle. His coach thinks that he needs to be in much better shape if he wants to be a quality starting center in a league in which interior defense anchoring various defensive schemes is so important to stopping today’s advanced offenses.

Source: Zach Harper, CBS Sports