Bye George…We’re In Trouble

On this edition of Insiders Show, Eric Lopez, UCF Insider Jeff Sharon, and NBA Insider Mary Stevens discuss the horrific injury suffered by Paul George, the future of the Pacers and USA Basketball, recap UCF Media Day, and breakdown the big trades at the MLB Trade Deadline.Paul George Pacers

Why You Should Listen : The Insiders break down the scary situation with Paul George Friday night in Las Vegas. Will Paul George ever be back to 100 percent? What is the future of NBA players playing international basketball? What is next for the Indiana Pacers and Larry Bird?

Eric, Jeff, and Mary talk about UCF Media Day which took place this past week. How does George O’Leary feel about his team coming into 2014? Who do they think will be the starting QB for their season opener against Penn State? What are realistic expectations for the Knights?

They finish-up talking about the big news with the MLB Trade Deadline passing. Did Tampa Bay get enough back for David Price? Are the Tigers now the favorite in the American League over Oakland?

SportstalkFlorida Insiders Show  8-4-14 :