Buck’s Larry Sanders Out with Broken Eye Socket

Larry Sanders

Larry Sanders has had some pretty terrible luck this year.

The season after signing a four-year, $44 million extension he suffered torn ligaments in his thumb, something he suffered in a bar fight.

Now, Sanders is out indefinitely with a fractured right orbital bone, the team announced. He was injured on Saturday night in a loss to the Rockets, while at first the Bucks said he might return that game the timeline has been continually pushed back.

Sanders will see a specialist and they will try to figure out when he can return, but it will most likely be after the All-Star break. There is a wide range of healing on this injury, determined by where the break is on the face and the severity. It could b a couple of weeks, could be more than a month.

In the interim, expect to see a lot of Zaza Pachulia for the Bucks.

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