Bradley Beal of the Wizards Making A Name For Himself

Source: Michael Lee, The Washington Post

BealWhen he whipped the ball behind his back left to right, left Dwyane Wade frozen in cement and made a floater over Chris Bosh in the second quarter of the Wizards’ 100-82 preseason victory over the Miami Heat on Tuesday at Verizon Center, Bradley Beal made two resounding statements: He let it be known that his ballhandling really has improved and that he is no longer some unsure teenager timidly navigating through the NBA for the first time.

In just three quarters of work and on just 15 field goal attempts, Beal scored a game-high 29 points.

Often the last player to leave the court after practice, Beal outlasts all of his teammates with a commitment to take more and more jumpers.

And his approach to games that are merely meant as preparation for the regular season should also serve as an example of his desire to get better.