Billy King Supports Jason Kidd

Source: Rob Abruzzese, Brooklyn Eagle Sports

KingThe Nets had lost five in a row, eight out of nine, Jason Kidd said that his defensive message wasn’t getting through to players and Paul Pierce seemingly took a shot at the coaching staff. So general manager Billy King did an interview with the YES Network where he gave a state of the union type address as well as supported Kidd as coach.

STATE OF THE UNION: “Guys still believe in Jason (Kidd) as their leader, and they believe in each other. It’s been frustrating because, you know, we expect to be winning more games, but, injuries have taken a toll a little biton us because we’ve asked other guys to do a little bit. But that’s not adhesive to reality, but guys are still fighting, and we’re adjusting on the fly and trying to adjust due to the injuries.”