Andrew Bynum Feels Pain Everytime He Runs and Jumps

andrew_bynum_2013INDEPENDENCE, Ohio – Any time Andrew Bynum runs up and down the court, he feels sharp pain in his knees. It’s not as bad as it was last season, when he didn’t play a single NBA game. It hurts most when he attempts to jump in any way or make any kind of explosive movement.

“I’ll just stick to the floor,” Bynum said Monday. “Ground game. Position defense and position offense on the ground.”

That game is good enough that he had his best outing of the season Saturday against the San Antonio Spurs when he scored 16 points on 8-for-15 shooting and had six rebounds in 21 minutes.

“It’s the first time he’s gotten close to showing everybody the full package of what he can do,” Cavaliers coach Mike Brown said. “He’s a guy who can post up, shoot right hand, left hand jump hooks. He can shoot a turnaround jump shot, he can shoot a jump shot.”

Source: Jodie Valade,