Wades Health Key For Miami

With Miami Heat star DWayne Wade in and out of the lineup, one must question how serious his injuries are and to what extent it could hold him back come playoff time.

Wade has missed 28-games this season and seems to be breaking down before our eyes. It has been clear for most of the season that Miami and Indiana are the two best teams in the Eastern Conference but with the play of Brooklyn and Chicago as of late, if Miami can’t keep their second best player on the court it could mean big trouble.

Miami is (0-4) against Brooklyn and it’s documented the issues the Bulls can cause.

It may not have been a big deal in the past for the Heat to gain home-court advantage in the Eastern Conference but with Wade hurt it could be the balancing factor.

Miami head coach Erik Spoelstra may need to consider sitting Wade in the first round, at the least dress him but limit his minutes as much as possible.

Pat Riley and the franchise will have some tough decisions to make come off-season. This could be the last go for the big three.