Reasonable Concern For Dwyane Wade’s Health

Heat_Wade_2013Health is paramount; especially if you’re a would-be dynasty like the Miami Heat.

Whether it’s a superstar with a history of injury woes or a much-beleaguered big man, Miami has its fair share of guys with a checkered past as it pertains to the injury department, and ensuring they’re healthy come season tipoff is vital to trigger momentum early in the season.

Without question, D-Wade is going to be the biggest question mark coming into this season health-wise. He was constantly hobbled throughout last season. Whether it was a strained grimace or an awkward limp to the huddle, it was apparent his troubled knee was giving him fits.

As brilliant as Wade is with the ball in his hands, his durability going forward could certainly bring doubt in the minds of concerned Heat fans. Yes, LeBron James and the rest of the team are awesome, but Wade is crucial to the team’s immediate and long-term future.