LeBron James May Bite on Cleveland’s Offer

LeBron James

LeBron James may in fact go back to Cleveland, a report by ESPN says. The Cavs believe after two years of planning that he is ready to listen to their pitch and may take it.

But there is very little indication that James is will leave Miami after four years and two championship seasons. He and president Pat Riley are expected to sit down for talks sometime this week. The date of such meeting is to be determined.

More from ESPN:

Sources say that the Cavs’ pitch made to Paul last week — which they also hope to make this week to James in their own face-to-face meeting — revolves around Kyrie Irving and the other young prospects they have in addition to the numerous options Cleveland possesses to add to the roster over the next year.

The second part of this pitch is what the Cavs hope will be the key selling point in getting James to choose them. Although several teams such as the Heat, Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets have cap space to make moves this summer, the Cavs hope to show James how they have collected and created tools to continue adding into the next few years.