LeBron Doesn’t See Paul Pierce As Rival

Source: Joseph Goodman, Miami Herald

Heat_LeBron_James_2013LeBron James has said in the recent past that Paul Pierce is his No.1 rival in the NBA, but those days are apparently gone. James told The Herald this week that “Paul was one of those rival guys, but I’ve been going against different guys the last few years.”

Of course, anyone who watched the Heat’s first preseason game against the Nets will know that Pierce doesn’t exactly view the rivalry between he and James in the same historical light. Pierce body checked James in the open court in the first quarter of the first preseason game between the Heat and Nets after James publicly suggested Pierce and Kevin Garnett were hypocrites. Pierce and Garnett criticized Ray Allen for leaving Boston only to leave Boston one year later, and James called them out on it. Allen left as a free agent while Garnett and Pierce were traded, but Garnett did waive a no-trade clause.