Is LeBron James The King Of PER?

Heat_LeBron_James_2013LeBron James, if you haven’t noticed, is making his mark on being one of the best players in NBA history.

Yes, he still has a ways to go in championships to catch up to the greats. But, the consistency that he has done it with cannot be overlooked. And in the midst of the off-season, why not take a look at and remember just how terrific LeBron James is at basketball.

LeBron has led the NBA in Player Efficiency Rating (PER) for the last six seasons! The player efficiency rating is a rating of a player’s per-minute productivity. It was generated by John Hollinger while he was with ESPN to rate players productivity against each other. It takes into account nearly every statistical category to generate a payer’s worth. The league average is set at 15.00 every season.

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