Insider : LeBron James Leads Heat to 27th Straight Win

LeBron James came one rebound short of a triple crown as the Heat extend second longest win streak in the history of the NBA to 27 games with win over the Magic Monday Night.   The Heat are now six away from Lakers record in 1971-1972  33 game win streak. Fans and media are into it. It was super packed in Heat lockeroom pre and postgame  and in the stands was very pro Heat crowd  as during the game you would hear MVP chants when LeBron was at the free throw line and  near the end of the game it was very loud Lets Go Heat Chants. Will the Heat break the record?  Who knows but one thing for sure. The Heat are still the  number one show in the NBA and of all team sports right now going. What NFL or MLB team right now has everyone attention like the Heat do on daily watch over the streak?  Also putting on a show on the court and off.  Even scarier news for rest of the NBA, this Heat team is as close as they ever were. They are not just teammates, they are like brothers. Wade and James  joke around with each other  and the others are close as well.  It is the bond of all buying in as everyone watches to see if the Heat make history in the next few weeks. The team has bigger vision they want to make  history come June.

LeBron James :

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Chris Bosh :

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DWade Pregame talks  Knee  taking Bobcats and Magic games off, Streak,  NCAA tournament and more :

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