Forget Dunking, LeBron Can Rap

You may know LeBron James for his dunking and basketball stardom, but recently he has been featured in fast food commercials and government healthcare promotions. Can he get anymore famous? How dare you even ask.

TMZ uploaded the audio of LeBron rapping his own version of a verse to the Jay-Z song “F**kwithmeyouknowigotit.” In the song, the NBA champion changes the words to make it more PG-13-friendly.

TMZ transcribed a part of the song that LeBron wrote himself.

Say what you want about the king,
Got money, got cribs, got whips, and oh yeaaa (bleeped) got 2 rings (2 rings, 2 rings)

LeBron recorded this remix last summer with a childhood friend who is an aspiring rapper. He released a mixtape earlier this month with the song titled, “Kingdom.”

According to TMZ, LeBron and his friend were working out together when he suggested they “get in the booth.” Well, that’s exactly what they did.

He went a little too far when he tweeted his plans to release a mixtape.

Okay, LeBron. Happy April Fools Day to you, too.

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