Dwyane Wade : The Face of Miami

Eric Lopez talks about Dwyane Wade resigning on with the Heat for two more years and how Wade is the face of South Florida Sports.Heat_Dwyane_Wade_2013

Why You Should Listen :  I discuss the impact Wade has had in Miami since his arrival and the importance of a sports franchise having a face to represent the team on the court for the fans. Wade announced on twitter on Tuesday that he was a Heat for Life. ” Home Is Where The Heart Is… My Home,My City,My House..#HeatLifer.”

Wade has surpassed Dan Marino as the icon, legend , and greatest athlete in South Florida Sports history. Here is the list of Miami Top and favorite athletes of all-timeMariotti

1- Dwyane Wade- 3- NBA titles brought to Miami

2- Dan Marino – Greatest Dolphin and still beloved in Miami as many still wear the number 13 jersey.

3- LeBron James-  2 NBA Titles, 2 MVP in 4 seasons.

4- Alonzo Mourning- Heart and Soul of Franchise. Part of 1996 NBA Championship as backup center to Shaquille O’Neal

5- Larry Csonka – Csonka was part of the 1972 Dolphins team that went 17-0, including the postseason, and won Super Bowl VII. Csonka was a  five-time Pro Bowler

6- Bob Griese –   Like Csonka, this former Miami Dolphins quarterback played on the 1972 team that went undefeated, was flawless in the postseason and won the Super Bowl that year. Griese was part of Dolphins three super bowl teams (71,72,73) and two championships (72,73).

7- Tim Hardaway-  Traded to the Heat from Golden State, joined forces with Mourning to build first significant playoff sucess in Heat playoff history and was the go to guy in clutch situations during his run from 1996-2001.

8- Jeff Conine-   Part of the Marlins two World Series teams (97, 03)  currently Marlins TV broadcaster.

9- Zach Thomas/ Jason Taylor-   Thomas and Taylor carried the Dolphins Defense during most of the 90s and into the start of 00s. While Taylor is the more decorated player. Thomas was just as popular if not more popular then Taylor as starting linebacker on the defense.

10- John Vanbiesbruck-    When the Florida Panthers started playing Hockey in South Florida, Vanbiesbruck put Panthers on the map from 93-98 including a run into the Stanley Cup Final in 1996. Hockey no where close to relevance in South Florida like it was in the 90s and you can argue then Vanbiesbruck along with Scott Melanby are still most popular Panthers of all-time to this day.

I also break down who are the faces of the notable sports teams in the state and and why. Here who I pick for each team in the state.

Heat- Dwyane Wade  –  Bouncing Back after LeBron leaving the Heat, Still defiant to except defeat.

Magic – Victor Oladipo- Part of Magic youthful team with still figuring out how good it will be.

Dolphins- Ryan Tannehill- Hoping  the team can reach potential and expectations that may not be realistic.

Bucs- Lavante David – Represents Defense mind set of the franchise with Head Coach Lovie Smith.

Jaguars- Blake Bortles- New face on franchise looking towards the future.

Marlins- Giancarlo Stanton – Holding pattern with Jose Fernandez out with Tommy John Surgery.

Rays- Evan Longoria- Cornerstone of Franchise.

Lightning- Steven Stamkos-  Franchise player the Lightning will build around.

Panthers-  They still exist?  Exactly the reason why you need a player to be a face of a team as the Panthers do not have one currently that registers.

Eric Lopez  on Dwyane Wade : The Face of Miami

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