Charlie’s Questions To Ponder

On Monday’s MVP caliber (unanimously) Charlie Bernstein Show, we will talk about LeBron James MVP semi-snubbery; The Rays winning weekend; The Yankees losing weekend; The NBA Playoffs and what does home court advantage really amount to; The Buccaneers rookie mini-camp and more.

As always, today’s program is 100% interactive and if you’d like to weigh in, feel free to give us a call at 877-355-1040.

Listen for my opinions on some other topics which include:

1. Who has a better chance of winning an MVP this year in their respective league- Bryce Harper or Miguel Cabrera?

2. There are eight teams remaining in the NBA Playoffs so who is going to win the Larry O’Brien- the Miami Heat or the field?

3. What is a bigger deal- pitchers using spitballs or nail files or batters corking bats?

4. Who would you rather have on your NBA team- Carmelo Anthony or Paul George?

Listen here to find out what I thought.

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