Bosh-Hibbert Matchup Could Be X Factor

On Wednesday, Chris Bosh gets another chance to prove himself against center Roy Hibbert and the Indiana Pacers when the Miami Heat begins its best-of-7 series with Indiana in the Eastern Conference finals. The Heat’s big man wouldn’t want to be playing anyone else for a chance to reach The Finals.

If his side wasn’t hurting so badly, Bosh would have destroyed the Heat’s locker room out of frustration the night his abdominal muscle decided to give out.

Emotionally, Bosh said he “went into a rage” after being injured in Game 1 against the Indiana Pacers in the 2012 Eastern Conference semifinals. Physically, he needed assistance to stand up from a chair.

Off the court, Bosh has been talking about his matchup against Hibbert for days — one of the best offensive centers in the game versus one of the best interior defenders.

“I was talking with my family about it the other night,” Bosh said. “To be able to have a chance to compete against [Indiana]. … I didn’t get the chance last time. I felt last time I really could have made an imprint on the series, and it’s funny how things come back around. I’m going to be get another shot.”

Source: Joseph Goodman, Miami Herald