Are The Miami Heat Vulnerable?

The Miami Heat are trying to reach the NBA Finals for a fourth straight year, attempting to win three titles in a row.

While it’s clear that LeBron James is the best player, Dwayne Wade is the X-factor and his health is becoming an on-going concern for the team.

It’s also over shadowing the play of center Greg Oden, which could prove to be just as important.

Wade has missed 13 of the Heats 44 games, having yet to play in a back-to-back this season.

The payoffs don’t have back-to-back’s but one has to think how difficult it will be to keep D-Wade healthy for three rounds of the playoffs and another NBA Finals.

Do the math, there are 82 games in a season, add 16 wins to capture the NBA championship and multiple that by 4 years….that’s 392 games. The upside is the first title run was during a shortened season but thats still 376 games.

Not to mention what’s asked of James on nights his sidekick is unable to suit up. The four-time NBA MVP is averaging over 37 minutes per game while scoring 26.2 points, dishing out 6.5 assists and snagging 6.9 boards in those contests.

The Indiana Pacers have gotten better since last season, to go along with youth they may be the team to take down the champs.

As they say to be the best you have to beat the best. However, it may not be the Pacers who “defeat” Miami, but father time.