Kidd’s Talk With Garnett About Resting ‘Didn’t Go Too Well’

Nets_Jason_Kidd_2013Jason Kidd is wisely approaching his first coaching job as a student. He’s reached out to industry legends, hired his former head coach as his lead assistant and dedicated time to looking at the game through an entirely new lens. It’s a wise way to go through the transition process. Though Kidd has long been lauded for his cerebral approach to the game, he still has an incredible amount to learn in terms of managing talent and strategy from the other side.

But even his diligence and best intentions can’t fully prepare him for what’s in store, as Kidd apparently found out in some preliminary discussions with the recently acquired Kevin Garnett. Brooklyn’s new starting power forward is 37 years old and has logged nearly 53,000 career minutes — an amount of wear that would understandably make any coach a bit nervous. But Kidd’s attempts to persuade Garnett to potentially rest in back-to-back situations didn’t exactly go as planned.