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NBA Power Rankings: Feel The Thunder

[1]The Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs battle it out for the best record in the NBA. They also trade punches in the power rankings.

The Memphis Grizzlies and the Miami Heat drop in polls just because they aren’t playing enough games.

The Brooklyn Nets have cooled off as of late, sliding to ninth in the league. The Los Angeles Lakers show no signs of turning the season around and free fall eight spots to 17th in the league.

110Oklahoma City Thunder174111
231San Antonio Spurs184215
341New York Knicks16559
451Los Angeles Clippers15667
52-3Memphis Grizzlies144121
660Miami Heat145422
781Atlanta Hawks126165
8102Golden State Warriors1471118
97-2Brooklyn Nets119196
10133Utah Jazz1210820
11110Boston Celtics1191412
12120Chicago Bulls119242
13174Philadelphia 76ers129268
14195Dallas Mavericks11101024
15161Minnesota Timberwolves99254
16182Denver Nuggets1111925
179-8Los Angeles Lakers913719
18202Milwaukee Bucks1091716
1915-4Indiana Pacers1011293
2014-6Houston Rockets911330
21221Orlando Magic8122710
2221-1Portland Trail Blazers9121526
23241Detroit Pistons7172314
24273Sacramento Kings7132221
25250Phoenix Suns7151328
2623-3Charlotte Bobcats7131829
2726-1New Orleans Hornets5152817
28291Cleveland Cavaliers5172123
29301Washington Wizards3153013
3028-2Toronto Raptors4182027