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So What Exactly is The NBA ?Summer League?"

NBA News: Time to check out the Summer League

If you have never heard of the NBA ?Summer League? chances are you are not alone! So what exactly is this action on the hardwood during the dog days of summer? Since 2004, the NBA has held a Summer League, with just six teams competing in the inaugural campaign in Las Vegas.


But now every NBA team competes, along with a squad from the NBA D-League. Currently there are two Summer Leagues: one in Orlando (July 5-11th), and one in Las Vegas (July 11-21st). Ten teams will be competing in Orlando, while 24 teams will play in the Las Vegas league (some teams play in both leagues). For the most part, team?s rosters mainly consist of rookies and other undrafted players who are hoping to get noticed and eventually get signed by a team. This is also a great chance for fans and the media to get a better look at some of the new faces in the NBA.

Up until the 2013-2014 season, the games were considered exhibition and it really didn?t matter who won. But for the second year in a row, there will be a champion and MVP crowned for both leagues.

Now there are a few differences between regular season games and the NBA Summer League:

Quarters are shorter at just 10 minutes

Halftime is reduced to 10 minutes

Each team gets 3 full timeouts in the 4th quarter

Overtime is just 3 minutes long

There are no foul outs?after a 6th foul the other team will automatically shoot two free throws


While you won?t see any regular season MVP candidates participating in the NBA Summer League, it has certainly helped jump start the careers of Nate Robinson, John Wall, and Damian Lillard, who are all former Summer League MVP?s.

So if you are in need of some NBA action this summer, be sure to set your DVR?s to record?all the action from both the Orlando and Las Vegas summer leagues. You can catch the games on either NBA TV or NBA.com. There are also tickets available for the Las Vegas Summer League, but unfortunately the Orlando league is not open to the public.



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