NBA Power Rankings: Spurs Pulling Away

The San Antonio Spurs are riding a 10-game winning streak with the best record in the NBA. The Spurs are fourth in scoring and ninth in defense.

The Los Angeles Clippers on the other hand are 3-7 in their last 10-games and slipped to third in the power rankings.

The Miami Heat slide one spot down to fifth. They are 7-3 in their last 10-games with fifth best scoring and 12th ranked defense.

The Orlando Magic are 0-10 and are falling fast to the worst team in the NBA.

110San Antonio Spurs38114910-0
231Oklahoma City Thunder36121156-4
32-1Los Angeles Clippers34161043-7
451New York Knicks3115868-2
54-1Miami Heat31145127-3
693Denver Nuggets31183258-2
76-1Memphis Grizzlies30172716-4
8113Golden State Warriors30187237-3
97-2Brooklyn Nets28201955-5
10100Chicago Bulls29192536-4
11121Indiana Pacers30192926-4
128-4Atlanta Hawks262115115-5
13141Houston Rockets27232276-4
1413-1Utah Jazz272211197-3
15150Milwaukee Bucks252212176-4
16160Portland Trail Blazers252314185-5
17170Boston Celtics242320104-6
18180Los Angeles Lakers23266246-4
19223Philadelphia 76ers21262886-4
2019-1Dallas Mavericks20289305-5
21210Minnesota Timberwolves182721142-8
2220-2Detroit Pistons183122134-6
23230Toronto Raptors173113213-7
24251Phoenix Suns173218224-6
2524-1Sacramento Kings173317292-8
26260New Orleans Hornets153326163-7
27292Cleveland Cavaliers143416265-5
2827-1Orlando Magic143424200-10
2928-1Washington Wizards12353074-6
30300Charlotte Bobcats113623282-8


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