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NBA Power Rankings: Spurs Feel The Heat

[1]The San Antonio Spurs hold on to the number one spot in the Sports Talk Florida power rankings, but the top four team continue to be crowded. The Oklahoma City Thunder are 7-3 and their last 10-games and the Miami Heat are 8-2. The Spurs went 9-1. The Los Angeles Clippers have fall short as of late going 4-6 in their last 10.

The Orlando Magic stopped the bleeding for a day with a win.

110San Antonio Spurs4012499-1
220Oklahoma City Thunder39121137-3
352Miami Heat34145128-2
43-1Los Angeles Clippers36171044-6
54-1New York Knicks3217987-3
660Denver Nuggets33193259-1
770Memphis Grizzlies32182716-4
8113Indiana Pacers31202826-4
9101Chicago Bulls30202636-4
109-1Brooklyn Nets29222254-6
118-3Golden State Warriors30218244-6
12142Utah Jazz282411185-5
1312-1Atlanta Hawks272217115-5
14173Boston Celtics272318107-3
1513-2Houston Rockets28252296-4
1615-1Milwaukee Bucks252412174-6
17181Los Angeles Lakers24286234-6
1816-2Portland Trail Blazers252614215-5
19201Dallas Mavericks22287275-5
2019-1Philadelphia 76ers22272966-4
21221Detroit Pistons203219144-6
22231Toronto Raptors193213194-6
2321-2Minnesota Timberwolves183020151-9
24251Sacramento Kings193316303-7
25261New Orleans Hornets173425163-7
2624-2Phoenix Suns173521223-7
27270Cleveland Cavaliers163515266-4
28291Washington Wizards14353075-5
2928-1Orlando Magic153623201-9
30300Charlotte Bobcats113924281-9