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NBA Power Rankings: Spurs Feel The Heat Again

[1]The Miami Heat are on a 10-0 run but still can’t seem to catch the San Antonio Spurs who are 8-2 in their last 10-games.

The Spurs are ranked fourth in points for and eighth in points against. The Miami Heat are first in points for and 15th in points against. The Spurs and Heat are the teams to beat in the East and Western Conference.

The Orlando Magic are 1-9 in their last 10-games which puts them at 29th in the league. A few more losses should seal up last place in the league.

110San Antonio Spurs4513488-2
220Miami Heat401451010-0
341Oklahoma City Thunder41151156-4
43-1Los Angeles Clippers4018946-4
561Memphis Grizzlies37182728-2
65-1New York Knicks332010115-5
781Indiana Pacers35212618-2
87-1Denver Nuggets35223266-4
990Brooklyn Nets33242055-5
10100Atlanta Hawks312315126-4
11132Golden State Warriors33238254-6
1211-1Chicago Bulls32242834-6
1312-1Utah Jazz312511186-4
14151Houston Rockets31272296-4
1514-1Boston Celtics29271896-4
16171Los Angeles Lakers28296237-3
1716-1Milwaukee Bucks262812192-8
18191Dallas Mavericks25307276-4
1918-1Portland Trail Blazers263017203-7
20211Toronto Raptors233314174-6
2120-1Philadelphia 76ers22322974-6
22220Detroit Pistons223621144-6
23230Minnesota Timberwolves203319163-7
24240New Orleans Hornets203723135-5
25272Cleveland Cavaliers183813245-5
26260Washington Wizards17373066-4
2725-2Sacramento Kings193816302-8
28280Phoenix Suns183922222-8
29290Orlando Magic154124211-9
30300Charlotte Bobcats134325282-8