NBA Power Rankings – Oklahoma City #1

The Oklahoma City Thunder lead the league in wins and points scored but the Memphis Grizzlies and the San Antonio Spurs want the number one spot too.

The New York Knicks have settled into fourth but continue to score points and play solid defense. The Clippers, Heat, Nets, Hawks, Lakers and Golden State Warriors round out the top ten.

132Oklahoma City Thunder154112
220Memphis Grizzlies133102
31-2San Antonio Spurs144510
440New York Knicks12448
572Los Angeles Clippers11669
660Miami Heat124221
75-2Brooklyn Nets116175
880Atlanta Hawks95186
9112Los Angeles Lakers810714
10166Golden State Warriors1071319
11154Boston Celtics981515
12186Chicago Bulls88243
13141Utah Jazz910920
1413-1Houston Rockets98329
15172Indiana Pacers99301
16204Minnesota Timberwolves88254
1712-5Philadelphia 76ers108287
189-9Denver Nuggets99824
19190Dallas Mavericks891122
2010-10Milwaukee Bucks882016
21243Portland Trail Blazers8101228
22220Orlando Magic7102613
23230Charlotte Bobcats791926
24273Detroit Pistons6132711
2521-4Phoenix Suns7121430
26260New Orleans Hornets5112318
2725-2Sacramento Kings4122223
28280Toronto Raptors4141627
29290Cleveland Cavaliers4142125
30300Washington Wizards2132917

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