NBA Power Rankings: Knicks Want Respect

The top five teams in the NBA are well established (Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder, Los Angeles Clippers, Denver Nuggets) but the New York Knicks want some respect. The Knicks just beat the Thunder to win their 12th straight game. They are 11th in scoring and eighth in defense. Only the Heat and Clippers are better on defense. The Knicks have the seconded seed in the Eastern Conference and look to play the Boston Celtics in the opening round of the playoffs.

110Miami Heat6016568-2
220San Antonio Spurs5720496-4
330Oklahoma City Thunder56212126-4
440Los Angeles Clippers5126845-5
550Denver Nuggets53243238-2
682New York Knicks502611810-0
76-1Memphis Grizzlies52252616-4
87-1Indiana Pacers48292227-3
990Brooklyn Nets44321856-4
10100Golden State Warriors44339197-3
11121Houston Rockets43341287-3
1211-1Atlanta Hawks423615134-6
13130Chicago Bulls42343036-4
14162Utah Jazz413713167-3
1514-1Boston Celtics403719114-6
1615-1Los Angeles Lakers40376245-5
17181Dallas Mavericks38397276-4
1817-1Milwaukee Bucks373912203-7
19234Minnesota Timberwolves394720156-4
2019-1Portland Trail Blazers334414212-8
21221Philadelphia 76ers314529105-5
2221-1Toronto Raptors294817183-7
2320-3Washington Wizards29482875-5
24240New Orleans Hornets275025145-5
25250Sacramento Kings275010304-6
26260Detroit Pistons265223173-7
27281Cleveland Cavaliers245216252-8
2827-1Phoenix Suns235421261-9
29290Orlando Magic195924221-9
30300Charlotte Bobcats185927293-7


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