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NBA Power Rankings – Knicks Still Undefeated

[1]As we enter the third week of the NBA season the New York Knicks are still undefeated and continue to score and play defense.

The Miami Heat might start playing defense when the playoffs start but they will rely on their league best 105.5 points-a-game to win for now.

The San Antonio Spurs have won the most games (7) so far but are average at best on scoring and defense.

110New York Knicks521
253Oklahoma City Thunder678
396Memphis Grizzlies567
4106Los Angeles Clippers5313
583Miami Heat6124
64-2Dallas Mavericks4421
72-5San Antonio Spurs71710
81810Utah Jazz4523
92213Denver Nuggets4818
107-3Milwaukee Bucks4917
11165Minnesota Timberwolves5232
12175Brooklyn Nets4189
133-10Chicago Bulls4215
142410Boston Celtics41420
152813Phoenix Suns41129
1611-5Houston Rockets31616
172912Charlotte Bobcats31028
1812-6Los Angeles Lakers31911
19201Portland Trail Blazers31226
20255Philadelphia 76ers4266
2114-7Atlanta Hawks32212
2213-9New Orleans Hornets3273
2321-2Toronto Raptors21525
2415-9Indiana Pacers3284
2523-2Cleveland Cavaliers21330
2619-7Golden State Warriors32022
27270Sacramento Kings22519
286-22Orlando Magic22915
2926-3Washington Wizards03014
30300Detroit Pistons02427