NBA Power Rankings – Knicks Are On Top

After the first week of play in the NBA the New York Knicks have moved up 16 spots to first place in the league. The Knicks have the best defense in the league and are ranked third in scoring.

The Miami Heat have dropped to the eighth spot. The Heat score the most points in the league but they also given up the seconded most points as well. The Orlando Magic got a giant boost by playing two poor teams in the Denver Nuggets and the Phoenix Suns, with that said the Magic are fifth in scoring and eighth in defense. The true test for Orlando will be when they play the Knicks next Tuesday at home.

11716New York Knicks331
220San Antonio Spurs4124
3129Chicago Bulls3172
41814Dallas Mavericks3217
54-1Oklahoma City Thunder2146
62923Orlando Magic258
72215Milwaukee Bucks2710
81-7Miami Heat3129
990Memphis Grizzlies21013
105-5Los Angeles Clippers2424
112312Houston Rockets21114
123-9Los Angeles Lakers1919
132815New Orleans Hornets2263
14162Atlanta Hawks1623
157-8Indiana Pacers2259
16215Minnesota Timberwolves2217
1710-7Brooklyn Nets1826
1813-5Utah Jazz11518
1914-5Golden State Warriors21916
20266Portland Trail Blazers21325
2119-2Toronto Raptors12015
226-16Denver Nuggets11820
2315-8Cleveland Cavaliers21621
248-16Boston Celtics12222
2511-14Philadelphia 76ers12911
2624-2Washington Wizards0305
2725-2Sacramento Kings12812
2827-1Phoenix Suns12428
29301Charlotte Bobcats12330
3020-10Detroit Pistons02727

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