NBA Power Rankings: Heat Are On Fire

The Miami Heat have won 15-straight games and take the number one spot away from the San Antonio Spurs.

The Spurs have the best record in the NBA because they have played three more games then the Heat. The Heat and Spurs battle it out in the points for column, the Heat are ranked fifth and the Spurs are fourth. The Spurs also have a slight edge on defense, ranking seventh and the Heat are ranked 10th.

Wins are all that matter in the NBA and the Heat are on fire. If Miami gets through the Indiana Pacers on Sunday their win streak could reach 22-games before they play Boston. If the beat Boston the Heat could be at 27-wins when they go to Chicago on March 27th.

132Miami Heat441451010-0
21-1San Antonio Spurs4714478-2
32-1Oklahoma City Thunder43162136-4
440Los Angeles Clippers4319948-2
550Memphis Grizzlies39192619-1
682Denver Nuggets39223256-4
76-1New York Knicks362110115-5
87-1Indiana Pacers38222527-3
990Brooklyn Nets34261955-5
10122Chicago Bulls34262834-6
1110-1Atlanta Hawks332617126-4
1211-1Golden State Warriors34277264-6
13141Houston Rockets33281296-4
1413-1Utah Jazz322811174-6
15150Boston Celtics31271896-4
16160Los Angeles Lakers30306237-3
17170Milwaukee Bucks302813185-5
18191Portland Trail Blazers283115213-7
1918-1Dallas Mavericks26338275-5
20211Philadelphia 76ers23352982-8
2120-1Toronto Raptors233816194-6
22220Detroit Pistons233922153-7
23230Minnesota Timberwolves203720162-8
24240New Orleans Hornets214023144-6
25283Phoenix Suns213921204-6
2625-1Cleveland Cavaliers204014244-6
2726-1Washington Wizards19393066-4
2827-1Sacramento Kings214012303-7
29290Orlando Magic174424222-8
30300Charlotte Bobcats134727282-8


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