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NBA Power Rankings: Finals Prediction

The NBA Finals are finally here and the two best teams in the league are in it. This will be a tough series with super-star power. The Miami Heat are the Las Vegas favorite but the San Antonio Spurs will have a long conversation with the Heat about whose the best.

The Spurs have prepared for the finals all season long, they even took the last 10-games of the regular season off to rest up. Gregg Popovich has his eye on the prize and with four NBA titles in the bank you have to trust his plan. The long layoff between the end of the conference finals and now should not affect the Spurs.

Here are the top three scorers on the Heat and Spurs. LeBron James averages 26.2 points a game in the playoffs. Tony Parker is at 23.0 points a game and Tim Ducan averages 17.8. Dwayne Wade 14.1, Kawhi Leornard 13.0 and Chris Bosh brings up the rear with 12.3 points a game.

James is no doubt the best player in the league but the Spurs have the best overall team and coach. Popovich will win his fifth NBA title, the Spurs will beat the Heat in six-games.

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