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NBA Power Rankings: Dwight Howard’s Lakers

Kobe Bryant’s season and possibly his career is over with a Achilles injury. In the cruel world of sports, time waits for no man, especially with two-games left and a one-game lead on the final playoff spot. With Bryant out the Los Angeles Lakers are now Dwight Howard’s team and after all the ups and downs of this season Howard has two games to turn it all around. Howard can go from goat to hero if the Lakers make the playoffs.

110Miami Heat - z6416568-2
220San Antonio Spurs - y58211795-5
341Los Angeles Clippers - y5426746-4
43-1Oklahoma City Thunder - y592124118-2
550Denver Nuggets - x55253227-3
660New York Knicks - y53271189-1
770Memphis Grizzlies - x54262617-3
880Indiana Pacers - y49312226-4
990Brooklyn Nets - x47331656-4
10100Golden State Warriors - x45359196-4
11121Atlanta Hawks - x443614135-5
1211-1Houston Rockets - x44352286-4
13130Chicago Bulls - x43372934-6
14162Los Angeles Lakers43376267-3
15150Boston Celtics - x413919105-5
16171Dallas Mavericks40408276-4
1714-3Utah Jazz423827168-2
18180Milwaukee Bucks - x374312203-7
19234Washington Wizards2951173-7
20200Portland Trail Blazers334710210-10
21210Philadelphia 76ers334721126-4
22220Toronto Raptors324813186-4
2319-4Minnesota Timberwolves305020155-5
24251Sacramento Kings28514303-7
25261Detroit Pistons285223175-5
2624-2New Orleans Hornets275425142-8
27281Phoenix Suns245615241-9
2827-1Cleveland Cavaliers245618252-8
29290Orlando Magic206030232-8
30300Charlotte Bobcats196128293-7