NBA Power Rankings: Clippers Sneak In At #1

The Los Angeles Clippers and the San Antonio Spurs have the longest win streak of the past week, in four victories, but the top of the power rankings chart is very crowded. The Oklahoma City Thunder, Clippers and Spurs all have the most wins in the league at 32, but it is the Clippers with their solid defense and above average offense that ranks number one in this week’s power rankings.

The Miami Heat is just sitting in the wings waiting for the playoffs as they have the best record in the Eastern Conference.

121Los Angeles Clippers32974-76
231San Antonio Spurs321138-74
31-2Oklahoma City Thunder329115-71
440Miami Heat2612612-48
550New York Knicks2513811-43
660Memphis Grizzlies2613262-37
770Brooklyn Nets2416165-35
8113Indiana Pacers2516291-29
9101Denver Nuggets2518525-27
109-1Golden State Warriors2415922-26
118-3Atlanta Hawks2218176-25
12120Chicago Bulls2316253-25
13174Milwaukee Bucks24181517-22
14151Utah Jazz22191118-18
1514-1Boston Celtics2020237-10
1613-3Houston Rockets2121230-10
1716-1Portland Trail Blazers20201321-6
18191Los Angeles Lakers17234262
1918-1Minnesota Timberwolves172024103
20222Dallas Mavericks182410288
2120-1Detroit Pistons152521910
2221-1Toronto Raptors1526122013
23230Philadelphia 76ers1723271615
24251Sacramento Kings1625142718
2524-1Orlando Magic1426191922
26271New Orleans Hornets1327281430
2726-1Phoenix Suns1328182330
28291Cleveland Cavaliers1032222448
2928-1Charlotte Bobcats1030202949
30300Washington Wizards830301349


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