NBA Power Rankings – San Antonio Spurs #1

The San Antonio Spurs take the number one spot away from the New York Knicks who drop to fourth.

The Spurs have the most wins in the league at 12. They are also fifth best in scoring and 11th in defense. The Brooklyn Nets are the worst scoring team in the top five, ranked 18th in points for. The Nets have a 9-4 record because of their seconded rank defense.

The Los Angeles Lakers continue to struggle at 7-8 and their offense and defense mirror their record. The Chicago Bulls are proving that they are a below average team without Derrick Rose. The great goose egg is growing for the Washington Wizards at 0-13.

11312San Antonio Spurs123511
242Oklahoma City Thunder114213
330Memphis Grizzlies102113
41-3New York Knicks9449
583Brooklyn Nets94182
65-1Miami Heat103125
72-5Los Angeles Clippers86812
8146Atlanta Hawks84194
92011Denver Nuggets87916
107-3Milwaukee Bucks751015
116-5Los Angeles Lakers781310
1211-1Philadelphia 76ers96267
13229Houston Rockets77324
1410-4Utah Jazz871417
15183Boston Celtics861222
16193Golden State Warriors861618
1715-2Indiana Pacers78291
1816-2Chicago Bulls67246
199-10Dallas Mavericks78628
2012-8Minnesota Timberwolves67275
21243Phoenix Suns78729
22264Orlando Magic58288
2321-2Charlotte Bobcats762026
2417-7Portland Trail Blazers681530
25250Sacramento Kings4102120
26271New Orleans Hornets492321
27281Detroit Pistons4112519
2823-5Toronto Raptors3121727
29290Cleveland Cavaliers3122223
30300Washington Wizards0123014

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