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NBA Playoffs Power Rankings: Bulls are an upset special

Can anyone beat the 66-16 Miami Heat?

Probably not, but the Chicago Bulls could upset the Brooklyn Nets in the first round. If that happens will Derrick Rose return in the second round of the playoffs? The Bulls and Nets are defensive minded teams which will lead to low scoring over-time games. If Chicago can steal a game in Brooklyn the United Center will do their best to will their team to victory. An upset of the 4-5 match up isn’t breaking news, but if it leads to “THE RETURN.” That would make the Eastern Conference playoffs interesting.

110Miami Heat6616559-1
242Oklahoma City Thunder60223107-3
32-1San Antonio Spurs58244113-7
43-1Los Angeles Clippers5626847-3
550Denver Nuggets57251248-2
660New York Knicks54281178-2
770Memphis Grizzlies56262618-2
891Brooklyn Nets49331767-3
98-1Indiana Pacers49322325-5
10100Golden State Warriors47357196-4
11143Los Angeles Lakers45376228-2
12120Houston Rockets45372286-4
1311-2Atlanta Hawks443813134-6
1413-1Chicago Bulls45372935-5
15150Boston Celtics414018124-6
16182Milwaukee Bucks384412203-7