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Nats Considering Ripken Who Wants Back In Baseball

Ripken Jr.Hall of Famer Cal Ripken admitted he has the itch to get back into baseball and suggested hed like to manage a big-league club on a podcast on Sunday. At the Washington Post, Thomas Boswell has the details:

Heres what (Ripken) said on Rich Eisens podcast Sunday with all the hems and haws removed: Id like to come back to baseball .?.?. Im starting to get an itch .?.?. but I havent been asked to do anything .?.?. I have thought about how cool it would be to manage. Donny Mattingly said theres nothing like being a player, but managing is the closest .?.?. Ive always thought that .?.?. and I am feeling that Id like to get back in.

But Ripken should get the job only if Mike Rizzo thinks hes the right man for it.

Without knowing exactly what Rizzo expects of his manager or how he feels Ripken might institute organizational philosophies, theres no good way to know if Ripken should be or will be the teams next manager.

Source: Ted Berg, USA Today Sports


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