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My Top 5 Pickup Team

It's always fun to play the game of who's the greatest NBA team of all time, or even more fun to imagine your top-5 players on one team.

Recently Michael Jordan said his top-5 pickup team would be himself, Scottie Pippen, James Worthy, Hakeem Olajuwon and, Magic Johnson.

While that's a great five, I put mine together but did so with guys I grew up watching.

1st TEAM:

PG- Allen Iverson (2000-2001) Philadelphia 76ers

SG- Kobe Bryant(2007-2008) Los Angeles Lakers

SF- LeBron James(2012-2013) Miami Heat

PF- Tim Duncan(2003-2004) San Antonio Spurs

C- Shaquille O'Neal(2000-2001) Los Angeles Lakers

2nd TEAM:

PG- Jason Kidd

SG- Tracy McGrady

SF- Kevin Durant

PF- Kevin Garnett

C- Dwight Howard


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