Yahoo Sports’ Nick Bromberg Previews The CFB National Championship

Nick Bromberg Is Giving Us The Low Down On What To Expect From Oregon Vs. Ohio State

Nick Bromberg

Nick Bromberg of Yahoo Sports is talking to Tuck and O’Neill for a preview of the Monday January 12th match up between the Oregon Ducks and Ohio State Buckeyes in the Inaugural College Football Playoff: National Championship.

It’s amazing it took college football so long to catch up to a playoff. And even looking to expanding it, it’s good to know there are surprises in store:

“You have the new storyline there by saying you’re going to have a Pac 12 or Big 10 champion. And also looking at it from a TV standpoint both of those games Thursday drew massive numbers. So when you look at this as a whole you can say, well, this is definitely not going away and there is an audience for it.”

What did you think about how the season played out and the debate that was inspired from having this new format?

“Ultimately I would love to see this as an 8 team playoff. If we could get it to 8, more often than not, we would get the 5 power conference champions and 3 wild cards so to speak and then let’s play it from there.”

Hear the whole Bromberg interview below:

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