Wil Myers vs Bryce Harper Who Do You Take?

Earlier this morning,  Eric Lopez  talked to  SportstalkFlorida.com Rays Insider Steve Kinsella about Wil Myers succcess and how he comparss to Bryce Harper.

Why you should listen : Steve Kinsella discuss the  Rays taking 2 of 3 against the Yankees, Discussed what to expect at MLB Trade Deadline and the development of Wil Myers.

Steve Kinsella  on SportstalkFlorida : July 29 ,2013

Why you should listen :  In Hour 1, Eric Lopez and David Buchman talked to Baseball Prospective’s Jason Collette about the upcoming MLB Trade Deadline and more. Lopez and Buchman recap the Rays-Yankees series and more.

Jason Collette on SportstalkFlorida : July 29,2013

SportstalkFlorida Mornings  Hour 1 : July 29,2013 

Why You Should Listen : In Hour 2 and 3 , Lopez and Buchman talk NFL injuries over the weekend, Johnny Manziel Partying, George O’Leary, MLB Hall of Fame  and much more.

SportstalkFlorida Mornings  Hour 2 and 3 : July 29, 2013

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