Why Is Wil Myers The Rays Designated Hitter?

He is young, strong, and a capable right fielder so why does Rays Manager Joe Maddon continue to start Wil Myers as his designated hitter.

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Before the game he was asked this question and explained that he is hoping and anticipating that the Rays play well and deep into September and October. He explained that “this guy [Myers] has not played that deep into the year and if we can get him a couple days off his feet I think that’s only going to help.”

In his 5 games as a designated hitter Myers has hit .429 (9 for 21) including a home run and 10 RBI. The fact that Myers has done well as a DH and hasn’t been bothered by it has impressed Maddon and gives him the confidence to continue putting  him there when he can.

Maddon said it was important to get young players there rest for what lay ahead.  “These young guys that have not really played September baseball…meaningful September baseball..and then even more meaningful October baseball…they get tired man…” Maddon says that people have no idea as to how tired these guys can get. “A lot of it has to do with the mental component –  the emotional component of it…so you keep guys physically strong by keeping them off their feet like that it can really help us later.”

Maddon did say with a right hander on the mound tomorrow there is more of a chance that Myers will play the field.

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