White Sox Ache Over Granderson’s Qualifying Offer

The White Sox made it known that they were going to pursue Chicago native outfielder Curtis Granderson should he become available as a free agent this off-season, but that knowledge hurt the White Sox after Granderson received a qualifying offer from the New York Yankees.

In an article by Dan Hayes of CSN Chicago, he explains how Rick Hahn no longer views Granderson as a player that falls in the “it’s only money” category when trying to coax Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf into signing that player. Although the White Sox have a protected first round pick in the 2014 draft (3rd overall),the team will have to give up a second round pick if they were to sign Granderson or any other player that was given a qualifying offer this year.

Rick Hahn would prefer to build up the farm system in addition to making a quick turn around from the 99-loss season. Though he knows the turn over will not be complete in one year, he hopes to have a winning team as soon as possible. The White Sox are expecting to spend about $14 million combined in the amateur draft and international signings.

Source: Karen Henness MLB Nation