Wes Welker Says Weather Will Not Affect Sunday’s Game

Denver wide receiver Wes Welker spoke to media today. Here’s what he had to say.
On what the weather will affect:
“Nothing really, just excited for the opportunity to get to play in this game, whether it’s 20 below or 80 degrees. So, I’m just excited at the opportunity and looking forward to it.”
On if he likes media day:
“Yeah, I love media day. Who doesn’t love media day?”
On this Super Bowl being a chance to make up for his dropped pass with New England in Super Bowl XLVI:
“You know what? I don’t even think about it. The past is the past, what happened, happened and I’m just looking forward to this one and going out there and playing my best game and doing what I can to help my team win.”
On what he has learned from previous Super Bowl experience with New England:
“I think mainly the experience. Definitely just being through it and going through the things and coaches talking about it, being there with your teammates and different things like that, kind of going through a part of it. The experience is the main part.”
On how soon he started to connect with Denver QB Peyton Manning:
“Pretty early on. We were kind of working together right off the bat and staying on top of things and talking through every scenario and being ready to go when the season started.”
On if it was difficult to learn a totally different offense:
“It was a little bit different, but over time I became comfortable with it.”
On talking with New England QB Tom Brady:
“We just text after the game and stuff like that, but he’s a good friend of mine and we wish nothing but the best for each other.”
On coming to Denver being the right choice:
“I mean, I guess so, being in this game, but you never know that going into it.”
On main differences between Brady and Manning:
“I think I’ve covered this question ad nauseam over the course of this year. They’re obviously great quarterbacks and really did a great job.”
On watching film of Seattle:
“You know, they do a great job of really getting to the football. They have a lot of athletic guys with great instincts and when you combine those two things, they’re tough and you’ve got to go out there and be precise on your routes and get open and when you get the ball, get what you can and go down.”
On the Seattle defense getting hands on Denver receivers:
“We’ll just have to see how it plays out. I think there’s always that mindset that they can’t call everything, so it’s one of those deals where you just have to deal with it sometimes. You’ve got to play through it and make it where they can’t hold you. Run such a good route where they can’t hold you or do anything like that. So, the main thing is going out there and playing the best you can and we’ll see how the game is called early on and see how they’re playing it and try to be physical ourselves.”
On the Seattle defense:
“Yeah, they’re a great defense. I mean, they’re the No. 1 defense in the league. So, you’ve got to give it to them.”