Welcome Back College Football

Allow me to channel The Rock for a second when I say…

…finally, COLLEGE FOOTBALL has come back to…my life.

The CFB offseason could not have been any sillier than it was in 2013. Johnny Manziel basically had a GPS attached to his butt for every minute of the season. He was signing autographs for free (or not??), he was getting kicked out of Manning’s passing camp; he was getting kicked out of Texas frat parties. The Johnny Football reality show made me actually long for the days of Snooki and The Situation.

Miami’s punishment from the NCAA could come down “any day now” and we’ve been hearing that for the last two years. “Oh yeah, today is going to be the day”, they say. There’s a good chance the NCAA forgot they were investigating Miami. I’ve seen prison sentences end quicker than this threat of punishment.

Finally it appears that the great conference switchovers are done. The ACC adds Pittsburgh and Syracuse this year and Louisville next year while “losing” Maryland to the Big Ten. The conference also will add Notre Dame on a part-time football basis. I think the ACC won that deal. The Big 10 will add Rutgers and Maryland to get to 14. The Big XII seems content to stay at 10 for now. The Big East is a basketball conference in more than just perception now. The American Athletic Conference will go from BCS also ran to the king of the mid-majors by next year.

It’s all enough to give me a big headache so nothing made me happier than watching Vanderbilt and Ole Miss go blow-for-blow last night in a fantastic contest. Welcome back college football, promise you’ll never leave me again.

Now for some picks.

Around the State: UCF 38-7 over Akron (I have a hunch that one is correct); Florida over Toledo 27-7; Miami over FAU 45-10; USF over McNeese State 35-7; FSU over Pittsburgh in a Monday night special 30-14; Maryland over Florida International, 24-17

Around the Region: Alabama over Va. Tech, 34-14; Georgia over Clemson, 28-27; Auburn over Wazzu, 31-21; LSU over TCU 28-10; Oklahoma State over Mississippi State, 38-28

Elsewhere: Texas A&M over Rice, 51-7 (31-7 in the first half); Oregon over Nicholls State, 68-3; Notre Dame over Temple, 31-16; Boise State over Washington, 31-30; Ohio State over Buffalo, 45-21; Louisville over Ohio, 37-13.