Washington Bravehearts…Could ‘Redskins’ Be Replaced?

Source: Will Brinson, CBS Sports

Photo Credit: TMZ

Update: The Redskins have come out and said that these reports are false and that Dan Snyder does not know who reported this story.

In recent weeks Redskins owner Dan Snyder’s seemed to warm up to the idea of changing the Redskins name. So the report that a wealthy friend of his applied for a patent to lock down the name Washington Bravehearts is more than a little spicy.

According to TMZ, Aris Mardirossian, “a wealthy patent investor” who lives “a few doors down” from Dan Snyder, registered the name “WASHINGTON BRAVEHEARTS” on October 17.

The patent license, per TMZ, is for “entertainment in the nature of football games.”

TMZ also obtained the LLC filings (.PDF) for Washington Brave Hearts, LLC.