Vikings Better Off Without Percy Harvin

Asked by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune about the Vikings trading Percy Harvin to Seattle, Chris Carter said the Vikings will actually be in better shape now.

“I think the organization did the right thing,” Carter said. “I’m not surprised, given the situation with him not being happy and there being so little chance of a contract extension for the type of money he wants. So they’re better off, especially with a young quarterback, trading Percy and getting something for him compared to going through the season rolling the dice.”

Carter noted that getting a first-round draft pick and two additional picks for Harvin will help the franchise build depth, and that all three of those picks combined will cost the Vikings less than what the Seahawks are going to pay Harvin on his new contract. Carter also noted that the Vikings only had Harvin for nine games last season, and that they went 5-2 without him over the final seven games of the regular season.

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