Video: Bitter Sweet Day For Kendrys Morales

This particular anniversary is not necessarily a happy one for Kendrys Morales. In one way it is because he won the game for his team back in 2010 on a walk off home run, but on the other hand in celebrating the home run, he landed on his ankle wrong and broke it. Four years ago Thursday this happened:

The injury ruined a good bit of his prime time years, unfortunately. He would go on to miss the rest of the 2010 season and all of 2011 after numerous setbacks in his attempted return.

Prior to the injury, Morales looked like one of the game’s better hitters. In 2009, he hit .306/.355/.569 (139 OPS+) with 34 homers and 108 RBI, finishing fifth in MVP voting. He was doing well in 2010 as well.

He is still a quality player, having hit .277/.336/.449 (123 OPS+) with 23 homers and 80 RBI last season for the Mariners. You have to wonder if he would be better had he not suffered that injury though.

The 30-year-old remains a free agent and could be an factor for impact in the final few months of the season.