USF’s Anthony Collins Out Indefinitely

The Bulls have been experiencing a nightmare of their own. What started as a small setback for the team, has become huge. Point Guard Anthony Collins was only expected to miss a week or so when he had knee surgery this summer.

His injury became tendinitis that has in turn forced him to sit on the bench with a brace and knee wraps. He returned by the third game of the season and still remains the Bull’s assists leader, but he has yet to recover and play just as he did during his first two seasons.

Unfortunately, it’s still uncertain if he’ll have his comeback this winter. Collins says that he experiences a sharp pain every time he walks or runs. He hopes that one day soon, he’ll be able to walk in to the locker room and feel better.

The Bulls have really been missing Collins. Without him, they’ve lost two of the past three games. Among the players keeping them alive is senior Victor Rudd who has found a way to succeed at small forward. Freshman Chris Perry has also been a key factor in carrying the team.

It’s junior college transfer Corey Allen who has proven as a decent replacement for Collins. But despite all of their efforts, Coach Heath and the team know that Collins absence has had a negative impact.

Heath says that they need him back. They need him healthy and ready to play.