USA Women’s Hockey Prepares for Sochi

On Wednesday, the USA Women’s Hockey General Manager Reagan Carey, Head Coach Katey Stone  and team Captain Meghan Duggan  held a conference call to discuss their upcoming events in Sochi. They travel to Russia on Saturday.

Reagan Carey on process of putting team together:

“We’ve been really excited about where we are right now. This process started in 2010 and since then the players, staff and coaches have been putting a team together. We started in June with 41 players and its been a challenging journey to get down to 21 but we feel we have the right players to have success in Sochi.”

Katey Stone on team and how it came together as a unit:

“It’s been a long process but a good one…our preparation and development of the team and the team dynamic has gone really well…we’re anxious and eager to get over to Sochi and get  down to business.”

Meghan Duggan on what the journey’s been like from a player’s perspective:

“It’s been an incredible year. Being excited is an understatement. I know as a leader of this group, we have the right pieces to this puzzle. We’ve been coached and we’re prepared to get the ball rolling over there.”

Meghan Duggan on having 11 veterans on roster to help team come together:

“I think we have the perfect mix within our team. As veterans, we’ve taken the opportunity to share with the younger players things with the Olympics that they wouldn’t know. I do look forward to going to the Olympics and at this point no one is a rookie anymore. We’re just a group of 21 players who are ready to tackle this tournament and show the world what we’ve got.”

Meghan Duggan on how anything short of a gold medal would be a disappointment:

“We didn’t train hard for second place. We have prepared ourselves this year to win a gold medal and obviously you have to take it one game at a time…”