USA Basketball Chairman Says They Have the Strongest Roster Ever

Jerry Colangelo, USA Basketball chairman and USA Men’s National Team managing director spoke to the media about the official announcement of the USA Basketball team roster.

USA Basketball

Colangelo said that the management staff has worked hard to get to where they wanted to be with the team.

“It’s always exciting to get to this point. This is the strongest roster we’ve ever had. We’ve had tremendous success since we took over the program and it’s getting stronger.”

Her recognized the veterans on the team and what they bring to the table. He also said that the younger players stand out to him.

“I love the three C’s–Continuity of our veterans…having our 11 of 12 Olympians from London to go forward…the second C is commitment. The commitment they have shown to their country’s basketball program is truly amazing. They do it in such a classy way. The last C is the comradery that has been developed over the years. They are USA basketball players and the new players have been a part of USA Basketball in some way. We feel that the program Jerry has organized has proven to be a really good one.”

Lebron James will be returning for his 4th Olympics and Colangelo is pleased with his decision to return.

“Lebron has an incredible opportunity to do it a fourth time. His name is on the roster which indicates his desire and interest to have that opportunity. He was a young guy when he participated in Athens in 2004 and that seems like a long time ago…he has developed into one of the great players of all time.”

Mike Krzyzewski, Head Coach of the 2010-12 USA Basketball Men’s National Team also told us how he feels about Lebron’s character and dedication to the team.

“He loves every aspect of the game. He has really put his face on USA basketball for this last decade and how he’s handled things has helped the development of younger players….he shows up everyday. We’re obviously really pleased that he wanted to continue to be a part of this.”